About Arletty

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Arletty is a family business that has for over 30 years been producing high quality knitwear through its handcrafted manufacturing base that is entirely located in Italy.

Arletty's style stands out due to its unusual combinations of colours, its use of top quality yarns, its deconstructed lines and also for its attention to detail.

The primary objective of the brand is to create clothing that is sophisticated, feminine and loose at the same time, so that a woman can feel comfortable and stylish on any occasion.

The passion of the line’s founder, Arlette, is now further stoked by the collaboration of her daughters Miriam and Micol, who follow the knitwear creations from the selection of yarn to their distribution and sales.

“Knitting is a little like creating a sculpture,” says Arlette “it starts with a thread and goes on to create a complex form. Behind each garment there is elaborate research, which in turn leads me to make new discoveries and gives new emotions.”

The highly distinctive character Arletty’s collections is evident at first glance, each creation has an artistic soul hidden inside its story, like a secret, the content of which can only be discovered by wearing it.